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In an effort to be proactive about possible malware infections on district computers we have begun installing a piece of software on some computers around the district. The software checks computers for infections and reports back to a central system informing us of the possible infections. If you see a small logo in the menubar area of your computer that looks like a small letter M that is the client software (MalwareBytes) that looks for infections, this is a legitimate piece of software that we have installed in effort to try and keep us informed of any malware issues that might be attacking your computers.

NOTES: We are actively cleaning any infections that we find so there is nothing that you need to do except be careful about what you click on while surfing the web.

In majority of the infections, computer users would have clicked on some pop up on the Internet or an e-mail, appearing to be helpful and offer to scan/clean/remedy your computer. These are scams designed to lure you into installing an offending software.

Do not install or agree to purchase anything, unless the request is verified and comes directly from Hawthorn 73 IT department.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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