I hope you are staying warm and are looking forward to Thursday’s Early Release Day!

This month (January 24th) our Early Release Day is district wide!

We are back to seeing all of our colleagues in our CLTs.

Your facilitators will be following an agenda that begins with a focus on research from “The Opportunity Myth” and finishes with time to work collaboratively on  Stage 3 of our unit, our students’ learning experiences. 

The teachers who attended the “Fireside Chats” that discussed this research strongly believed that all staff should know the findings of this study so we are taking a few minutes of the Early Release Day to share them. You can see some of their quotes on the diagram attached to this email.

Your work that day will also be adding to Stage 3 of your designed units. 

Finally, this email contains additional attachments that you will need for Thursday:

1. The Executive Summary of the research found in, ”The Opportunity Myth”. Feel free to preview the findings before the discussion on Thursday if possible.
2. Room Assignments and Agendas for the Early Release Day.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

We thank all of you for your commitment to this work and for your continued efforts!